About Us

Paintings of acrylic, pastel chalk or special crystal dust technique to support your room and lifeforce energies.

We work hard to provide you the best quality prints and paintings

Please ask for prices of the paintings per email, they are starting at CHF 300.- upward, depending on technique and size of the painting.

In contract I create your personal energy gateway ( e.g. acrylic painting, 60 x 80 cm, CHF 650.- ) to support your life or improve the energies at your place. Every ordered painting gets an attendant text with it.

Pia I. Voigt, channel and energie transmitter

Our Team

We celebrate teamwork. Depending on the task we work on, one or the other is leading it. Means we discuss issues and find solution who fits for both of us. Balanced consciousness on a daily basis.

Piv art

Pia I. Voigt


Piv art

HansPeter Schlatter


Piv art

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This is a collection of five different Bach Therapy Flowers.

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